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We're proudly partnering with Dementia Support Australia to provide free guidance and support to anyone caring for a loved one in the last stage of life, or living with loss.

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It's common to feel confused or overwhelmed when caring for a loved one who is terminally ill or frail, or grieving after their loss. Violet Guides provide free, unlimited support so you can talk about what's on your mind whenever you need to. And, because we know how important it is to connect with someone who understands, you'll always be supported by the same Guide.


Access resources in your own time

We know everyone's caring journey is different, and everyone needs different support depending on their situation. Violet's growing library of free resources provide information and personal stories about caregiving, self-care, and the last stage of life so you can choose the most helpful content for you. And they're available online so you can access them anytime, from anywhere.